E Way Bill Notification pdf 2018 (All-States) EWay Bill Latest Advertisement

E Way Bill Notification pdf 2018 (All-States) EWay Bill Latest Advertisement

Electronic way Bill 2018 which comes under the GST finally regulated across all over the Country. Now each and every transporter should need to carry E-Way Bill while movement of goods.

E Way Bill Notification

Goods more than worth 50,000 Indian Rs transferred from one place to another place should come under the E Way Bill. The transporter is mandatory should need to carry a e way bill. In the latest Notification released by the Indian Government for E Way Bill which clearly states that Transferred of Goods from transport medium must come under the GST E Way Bill. From April 2018 onwards if the Transporter not carry this E way bill should be fined.

Contents of E Way Bill Notification:>>

  1. At first E Way Bill Notification released in the Jan 2018 Month.
  2. From Jan 16th, 2018 this E-Way Bill System regulated on trial Basis.
  3. Then after from 1st Feb 2018 E Way Bill regulated in inter-state transport.
  4. Across 13 States of India this E Way Bill regulated from Feb 2018 and these states are free to follow this Rule from 1st Feb to 1st June 2018.
  5. Final Notification Update: From 1st June 2018 this E-Way Bill will be compulsory to all among States with Compulsion.

Eway Bill Notification

आप सभी लोग जो जो इ वे बिल की अधिचुना को स्टेट वाइज देखना चाहते है वे सभी देख सकते है निचे दिए गए लिंकों के माध्यम से, हमने निचे सभी अधिचुनाओ के लिनक्स दिए है, आप सभी अपनी अपनी स्टेट के हिसाब से अपना इ वे बिल अधिचुना देख सकते है।

E Way Bill Validity:

  1. E Way Bill only be available for 1 Day.
  2. If Cargo/ Goods is less than 100kms then E-Way Bill will applicable for 1 Day
  3. If Cargo/ Goods is more than 100kms then E-Way Bill will applicable for more than 1 Day.
E Way Bill Notification
E Way Bill Notification

You can check States wise official Notification of E Way Bill as mentioned here in detailed version. Simply follow the table and check your State Wise Latest Updated Eway Bill Notification.

Notification of E Way Bill

E-Way Bill Notification by State-Wise

Sr. No. State Name Pdf Notification Link (Updated)
1. Eway Bill Notification in Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pdf Link
2. E-Waybill Notification for Arunachal Pradesh AP pdf Link
3. E Way Bill Notification Assam Assam Pdf Link
4. Eway Bill Notification in Bihar Bihar pdf Link
5. E-Waybill Notification for Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh pdf Link
6. EWay Bill Notification Goa Goa pdf Link
7. E-Way Bill Notification in Gujarat Gujarat pdf Link
8. Eway Bill Notification in Haryana Hr Pdf Link
9. E-Way Bill Notification in Himachal Pradesh HP Pdf Link
10. E-Waybill Notification for Jammu and Kashmir JK Pdf Link
11. Eway Bill Notification in Jharkhand JH Pdf Link
12. E Way Bill Notification Karnataka Kar Pdf Link
13. E-Way Bill Notification in Kerala Kerala Pdf Link
14. Eway Bill Notification in Madhya Pradesh MP Pdf Link
15. E-Way Bill Notification in Maharashtra Mah Pdf Link
16. EWay Bill Notification Manipur Manipur Pdf Link
17. Eway Bill Notification in Meghalaya Meghalaya Pdf Link
18. E Way Bill Notification Mizoram Mizoram Pdf Link
19. Eway Bill Notification in Odisha Odisha Pdf Link
20. E-Waybill Notification for Punjab Punjab Pdf Link
21. Eway Bill Notification in Rajasthan Rajasthan Pdf Link
22. E-Way Bill Notification in Sikkim Sikkim Pdf Link
23. E-Way Bill Notification Tamil Nadu TN Pdf Link
24. Eway Bill Notification in Telangana TS Pdf Link
25. E-Waybill Notification for Tripura Tripura Pdf Link
26. Eway Bill Notification in Uttar Pradesh UP Pdf Link
27. E Way Bill Notification Uttarakhand UK Pdf Link
28. Eway Bill Notification in West Bengal WB Pdf Link

ewaybill.nic.in Notification

E-Way Bill Notification by Union Territory

Sr. No. State Name Pdf Notification Link (Updated)
1.          E Way Bill Notification in Andaman and Nicobar Island Andaman and Nicobar Island Pdf Link
2. E-Way Bill Notification for Chandigarh Chandigarh Pdf Link
3.          Eway Bill Notification in Dadra and Nagar Haveli Dadra and Nagar Haveli Pdf Link
4.          E Way Bill Notification in Daman and Diu Daman and Diu Pdf Link
5.          Eway Bill Notification in Delhi Delhi Pdf Link
6.          E-Way Bill Notification for Lakshadweep Lakshadweep Pdf Link
7.          Eway Bill Notification in Puducherry Puducherry Pdf Link

Download E-Way Bill Notification GST for CBEC (Central Govt):

CBEC Govt Pdf Link

E Way Bill Advertisement

Here we have mentioned all important main News notification of the E Way Bill, if you still having any main issue query then feel free to leave comment below on the comment Box. Experts Panel Team will reply on your query in quick way as soon as Possible.

For Any Query Contact Here:>> 24×7 Available* E-Way Bill Helpline

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